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About TRIZ

  • TRIZ is a way of generating innovative solutions for problem solving, using practical methodology, tool sets, an organised knowledge base, and model-based technology. It is useful for problem formulation, system analysis, failure analysis, and patterns of system evolution. There is a general similarity of purposes and methods with the field of pattern language, a cross discipline practice for explicitly describing and sharing holistic patterns of design.

  • The research has produced three primary findings:

    1. Problems and solutions are repeated across industries and sciences.
    2. Patterns of technical evolution are also repeated across industries and sciences.
    3. Innovations use scientific effects outside the field in which they were developed.
  • TRIZ practitioners apply all these findings in order to create and to improve products, services, and systems.


Every company, every government, every society needs to innovate. Change comes along: competitors take your edge; populations grow; sea levels rise; customer preference develops.

Currently, for every 100 attempts to innovate, only 2 are successful. However, TRIZ and Systematic Innovation researchers have spent the past twenty-two years analysing what makes that 2% succeed. Over ten million case studies have now been undertaken, and their principles have been classified and refined into a learnable, usable tool that relates the most appropriate strategies to each context. This is the basis of Systematic Innovation, and this is what makes some companies better able to break new ground successfully and to innovate.


The authors of this course have over twenty years of experienced in working with some of the world’s biggest and most admired organisations. To date, they have delivered over $6B in new revenue or saved costs for their clients, who include the following well-known brands.

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