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The TRIZ University brings TRIZ (also known as Systematic Innovation) into every area of industry, commerce and education, whether private or funded by government.

TRIZ presents a proven, unique and invaluable mechanism to enable successful innovation throughout the world, to benefit every person on earth as we face up to climate change, population growth, dwindling resources and increasing expectations.

Our mission is to support governments, charities and businesses to meet the immense needs of the twenty-first century and to innovate successfully.


The TRIZ University enables students to build successful innovation into corporate and private lives. Led by key experts in the field, we inspire and enable the innovators of tomorrow to develop and succeed.

Through a variety of resources, we explain the key elements of successful innovation so that students can put it into practice. In addition, we have a peer network that supports, encourages, challenges and inspires, as students in the best universities always do.


What we do

We are a pioneering and unparalleled online learning resource for students of TRIZ and Systematic Innovation.

Our programmes suit all means and needs and deliver the course through a series of modules.

Modules are made up of manageable and practical sessions, featuring videos, exercises and an accreditation assignment, and students are encouraged to relate their learning to their own personal workplace, situation or area of expertise.


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Problem Definition

Poorly defined problems lead to failure. Learn how to identify the real problem.

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Solution Generation

Discovering the universal truths about which solutions work and which don’t.


Free Taster

A single lesson for you to get a taster of our TRIZ courses.


Our admissions procedure is designed to allow as many people as possible to learn about TRIZ and Systematic Innovation, at a level appropriate to their current readiness, whilst maintaining a high level of challenge and academic rigour.

We do not want to discourage people by persuading them to attempt a course that is currently beyond them, nor devalue qualifications by offering a course which is too simple.

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